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Mon 1: give thanks that Jesus welcomes us to sit and listen to him and that he calls us to work and serve him. Pray that we may all know times of listening and service close to Jesus.

Tue 2: pray for a world much troubles with thoughts of war and violence. Pray for wisdom for our leaders that they may know how to walk the way of peace and reconciliation.

Wed 3: pray for staff and students at Universities and Colleges in our nation. Pray for those in halls of residence that they would be kept safe from infection and pray for all as they study and learn remotely.

Thu 4: pray for the many congregations in our land who are without their own minister because of vacancy, ask God to call many into service in the ministry of word and sacrament.

Fri 5: pray for all victims of drug abuse; for those who are addicts, for families of addicts, for victims of crime associated with drug abuse. Pray for a solution to this increasing problem in our society.

Sat 6: pray for our Messy Church congregation which has not met know since this Saturday last year, pray for the team and the families who worship with us that they may know Jesus present with them today.

Sun 7: on this third Sunday in Lent, give thanks that we can follow Jesus who is the one who goes before us and prepares a place for us, may we all know Jesus as our way.

Mon 8: give thanks for the vaccination programme in our land, for the provision of vaccines and for safe places we can go to receive our vaccinations.

Tue 9: give thanks for our Elders and pray for the Kirk Session meeting this evening, ask God to be present with us and guide us in his way.

Wed 10: pray for Northcare Manor today which would have been our monthly service. Pray that God would be in every room and office in Northcare Manor bringing his grace and peace to all who live and work there.

Thu 11: give thanks for work in the Central African Republic among women and girls teaching them to read and giving them skills for life and work.

Fri 12: pray for an international generosity in providing Covid vaccines to the poorest nations at prices they can afford to pay or at no cost, pray that these poorest nations would not be excluded from vaccination because of their economic poverty.

Sat 13: pray today for all Christians serving as MPs, MSPs and local councillors, may God guide them in their service and use their labour for his glory.

Sun 14: on this fourth Sunday in Lent let us pray for one another that we would receive the gift of God’s Holy Spirit, that in the power of the Spirit we would together follow Jesus on the way of the cross.

Mon 15: give thanks for all NHS staff who continue to serve our communities so faithfully and well in these days, pray that they would have all the resources they need to care for all their patients.

Tue 16: pray for our Presbytery Planning conversations with our partners in Colinton and St John’s Colinton Mains, pray that in our sharing together we would encourage one another in mission and ministry.

Wed 17: give thanks for the fellowship with share with other congregations, for the many who pray for us across this land.

Thu 18: pray for our emergency services, police, fire brigade and ambulance service who come into contact with people at difficult times. Pray that all will be kept safe from Covid infection as they serve our communities.

Fri 19: pray for all our young people studying at schools and colleges and beginning to prepare for their exams coming soon. May God strengthen them as they study at home.

Sat 20: pray for all victims of drug abuse; for those who are addicts, for families of addicts, for victims of crime associated with drug abuse. Pray for a solution to this increasing problem in our society.

Sun 21: on the fifth Sunday in Lent, pray for one another as we journey through Lent that we will know the presence of Jesus and be challenged to follow him.

Mon 22: pray for Christian communities in north east Nigeria who are facing relentless persecution. Pray for the release of those kidnapped and for an end to violence against Christians.

Tue 23: one year ago today the national lockdown was announced. Pray for one another after a year without relief from restrictions, pray for our nation that we may soon begin to be able to relax the restrictions upon our lives.

Wed 24: give thanks for our online catch up and pray time this evening. May God bring us together to share with one another and to pray for God’s work in our congregation, city, nation and world.

Thu 25: give thanks for our book group meeting this evening and pray for our conversations about our book this month by Tom Wright The Way of the Lord.

Fri 26: pray for the on-going work of the Bethany night shelter and for all who are homeless and need the help provided by Bethany.

Sat 27: pray for the work of Scripture Union Scotland who would have been preparing for a season of Easter camps and missions, give thanks for online opportunities to share the good news of Jesus with young people in Scotland.

Sun 28: Make way for Christ the King that he might ride inpower to reign in our lives. Let our voices cry together ‘Hosanna! Save us!’, to the one who is the King of kings. Give thanks for another Palm Sunday on which we can follow Jesus our King.

Mon 29: As we remember our Lord Jesus cleansing the Temple, pray that in our following Jesus we may never exchange the joy of prayer for the noise of commerce.

Tue 30: As we remember our Lord Jesus teaching in the Temple, pray that we may be willing to sit before him and humbly learn from him of his grace and mercy as we follow on the way of the cross.

Wed 31: give thanks for the example of that woman who anointed our Lord’s feet in preparation for his burial, pray that our lives may be so generously offered in his service