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Wed 1: ‘When I survey the wondrous cross’. Give thanks to God for the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ, pray that we may give our best time and energy to surveying all that God has done for us in the cross of Jesus.

Thu 2: pray for the staff of the NHS, especially for those working in hospitals. May they have all the equipment they need to stay safe and be able to provide the best care for their patients.

Fri 3: pray for our Governments in Westminster and Holyrood, pray for the Prime Minister and the First Minister that they may be given wise advice and that they may speak wisely and clearly to our nation in these days.

Sat 4: pray for the staff and volunteers of SU Scotland who would have been running holidays over the next two weeks, give thanks for their service and work preparing for holidays which have been cancelled. Pray for the young people who would have attended these holidays, pray that they may know God’s presence and love with them in these difficult days.

Sun 5: Make way for Christ the King that he might ride inpower to reign in our lives. Let our voices cry together ‘Hosanna! Save us!’, to the one who is the King of kings. Give thanks for another Palm Sunday on which we can follow Jesus our King.

At 7pm remember to light a candle and pray, taking part in the National Day of Prayer.

Mon 6: As we remember our Lord Jesus cleansing the Temple, pray that in our following Jesus we may never exchange the joy of prayer for the noise of commerce.

Tue 7: As we remember our Lord Jesus teaching in the Temple, pray that we may be willing to sit before him and humbly learn from him of his grace and mercy as we follow on the way of the cross.

Wed 8: give thanks for the example of that woman who anointed our Lord’s feet in preparation for his burial, pray that our lives may be so generously offered in his service.

Thu 9: ‘Do this to remember me’. Give thanks for the gracious self–sacrifice of our Lord Jesus for us and our salvation, let us pray for one another united together in our one Saviour and our Lord.

Fri 10: ‘How dearly, dearly has he loved, and we must love him too.’ Our Saviour did not die for himself, but for us, may our hearts be filled anew with love for him, as his heart is filled with love for us.

Sat 11: give thanks for Andy, Mike, Gordon and Fiona who have shared with us in services recorded for Holy Week, give thanks for the fellowship we can have as we share in such servcies online.

Sun 12: Christ is risen. He is risen indeed! Give thanks and praise to God our Father for the glorious resurrection of Jesus his Son, our Lord and Saviour. May our lives be filled with the power of his resurrection.

At 7pm remember to light a candle and pray, taking part in the National Day of Prayer.

Mon 13: on this Easter Monday let’s pray for families who would often be outside enjoying a holiday, pray for one another as we live together spending more time together than usual. Pray especially for children who feel constrained within the family home.

Tue 14: pray for our elders and the continuing work of managing the life of our congregation, pray for the taking of decisions when we can’t meet together that all will be well done and will serve to build the church among us.

Wed 15: give thanks for the gift of God’s word and pray for one another as we read our Bibles day by day that we may hear God speaking to us and know more of his amazing grace for us.

Thu 16: pray for all the staff working at GP surgeries, give them wisdom in caring for their patients, keep them safe from illness and bless them in all they are doing.

Fri 17: pray for Joanna Cherry our MP and our MSP: Daniel Johnston, Jeremy Balfour, Sarah Boyack, Miles Briggs, Neil Findlay, Alison Johnstone, Gordon Lindhurst, and Andy Wightman, as they serve our community at this time, pray for wisdom in all the decisions they are involved in making.

Sat 18: give thanks for all who are taking part in our services recorded and posted on the internet (YouTube, Facebook, church web site). Give thanks that while we are safe at home we can be together in worship and prayer.

Sun 19: ‘Crown him with many crowns, the Lamb upon his throne.’ Rejoice in the victory of God in the cross and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, pray that in his grace he may strengthen our faith in our Lord and Saviour.

At 7pm remember to light a candle and pray, taking part in the National Day of Prayer.

Mon 20: pray for the poorest communities in our world who will be greatly affected by the Coronavirus, places where it will be difficult to maintain social distancing and where keeping hands clean is already challenging.

Tue 21: today our teachers and pupils at school would have started a new term. Pray for them all as they can’t come to school, especially pray for young people who would have been sitting exams, pray for a good outcome to decisions about grades.

Wed 22: give thanks for all involved in supplying our food shops, those working in farms and factories, drivers, staff who stock shelves, staff who serve in our stores. Pray for one another that we would buy only what we need and that when we go we would find what we need.

Thu 23: pray for all the staff working at Pharmacies, give them strength as they work to provide medicines for all in need, bless them in all that they do.

Fri 24: pray for journalists who work on TV, Radio, the newspapers and internet. Pray that they would accurately report the news in these days and that they would be careful in their words not to arouse fear where it is not needed.

Sat 25: pray for many congregations in our nation who are vacant and without a minister at this time. Give thanks for Interim Moderators and local elders who are stepping into the gap to minister to congregations and communities in these days.

Sun 26: give thanks for his gifts of bread and wine in which all things are made new in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray for all who will join us for worship in our recorded service today. As we begin to read in Revelation 2 and 3 pray that our God would inspire us all with a vision of his church.

At 7pm remember to light a candle and pray, taking part in the National Day of Prayer.

Mon 27: give thanks for the opportunity to meet together to study God’s word and to pray, ask God to encourage us to join with others in reading the bible and in prayer.

Tue 28: pray for university staff and students. Especially pray for those students who would have exams in the coming weeks that a good outcome to changed circumstances would not adversly affect their degree studies.

Wed 29: pray for the staff and patients at Chogoria hospital, especially in this time of pandemic pray for staff already busy that they would be able to care for all in their community in need during these days. Pray for the provision of resources and supplies which are needed for the hospital at this time.

Thu 30: pray for our nation and city that in these days many would take time to reflect upon the good news of God’s love for them in Jesus, that many would come to know Jesus as their King and Saviour, that the gospel would be powerfully at work among us.