You can download the diary and Bible reading plan here.

Mon 1: pray for all doctors and nurses and staff in our hospitals who care for us when we are in need. Especially pray for all staff caring for patients suffering from the Covid virus.

Tue 2: pray for one another that we will have opportunities to share the good news of Jesus today.

Wed 3: pray for our schools, for Oxgangs school where we have a share in the chaplaincy team. Pray for pupils studying at home and for parents helping their children with lessons.

Thu 4: give thanks for the invitation we have to pray, ask God to help us to keep our prayers simple, to keep our prayers honest, and to keep our prayers going.

Fri 5: pray for the vaccination programme in our nation at this time, give thanks for the skill and planning of so many to deliver the vaccine to the right place at the right time.

Sat 6: pray for a world much troubles with thoughts of war and violence. Pray for wisdom for our leaders that they may know how to walk the way of peace and reconciliation.

Sun 7: ‘Crown him with many crowns’ we give thanks that Jesus is the King in God’s Kingdom and we rejoice to worship him and give him all glory and praise.

Mon 8: pray for Professor Alister McGrath speaking at Heriot Watt University this evening, speaking on the topic “SCIENCE, FAITH & THE MEANING OF LIFE: Comparing Richard Dawkins and Albert Einstein.”.Pray for the ongoing work of the Chaplaincy centre and the Rev Alistair Donald, the University Chaplain.

Tue 9: pray for the Presbytery of Edinburgh meeting this evening, for Derek Browning to be installed as Moderator. Pray that God would use the work of the Presbytery to build his church.

Wed 10: pray for the staff and residents in Care homes today, especially pray for Northcare Manor that our care homes would be free from Covid infections in these days.

Thu 11: give thanks for an online Songs of Praise evening led by Colinton Parish Church and the invitation to us to join with them for this evening of praise and fellowship.

Fri 12: pray for our Christian sisters and brothers in Vietnam, many are unjustly imprisoned and many congregations suffer from regular acts of violence against them. May Christ the King protect his people and give grace to those facing persecution.

Sat 13: give thanks for the fellowship with share with other congregations, for the many who pray for us across this land.

Sun 14: pray for Chogoria hospital for all the staff and patients at the hospital that they may all know God’s presence with them day by day.

Mon 15: give thanks for our families and pray for them, especially for those living far from home. Pray for those we have not been able to meet for a long time now may God be present with them in his love and power.

Tue 16: pray for communities in the poorest nations of the world where Covid infection is taking a terrible hold, pray for provision of aid and relief for these communities, pray for a fair sharing of vaccines with all the peoples of the world.

Wed 17: pray for one another as Lent begins today that we would all seek to follow Jesus more closely day by day during Lent.

Thu 18: give thanks for our online Coffee morning today, give thanks for this technology by which we can meet and share together, pray that God would bless our fellowship today.

Fri 19: pray for the many congregations in our land who are without their own minister because of vacancy, ask God to call many into service in the ministry of word and sacrament.

Sat 20: pray for preparations being made to hold the General Assembly of the church this year online, pray for Jim Wallace as he prepares to serve as Moderator and all who are involved in making all the arrangments for these meetings of our church.

Sun 21: On this first Sunday in Lent let us pray for one another that we would submit to Jesus as Lord, let us depend upon Jesus to lead us in his way and wash us clean in his truth.

Mon 22: pray for our governments in Holyrood and Westminster, pray that they would work together to serve our nation in this time of crisis and that party politics would be left to the side in these days.

Tue 23: give thanks for our Music Monthly evening, for the programme of music which Ross has prepared to share with us.

Wed 24: give thanks for our catch up and pray gathering this evening, may God use this time to unite us with one another in fellowship and prayer for his work among us.

Thu 25: pray for the Impact youth group which would have been on Thursdays, give thanks for all the leaders and all the young people in the group and pray for them during this time when the group can’t meet.

Fri 26: pray for refugees fleeing their homes from war and violence in Syria. May there soon be an end to this conflict. Pray for those in refugee camps where the risk of Covid infection is very high, pray that God would be at work in these refugee camps.

Sat 27: give thanks for Gordon and Andy who have been leading our services during February and for Ross who plays for us each Sunday. Give thanks that we can continue to worship together during this time of Covid restriction.

Sun 28: today on the second Sunday in Lent let us pray for one another that as we follow Jesus we would grow in knowing his love for us, and that in his love we would learn how to love one another.