Fri 1: give thanks to God for this new year, another year in which we can know more of his grace, his love, his peace, his presence with us in Jesus Christ his son.
Sat 2: pray for our nation in these days when we are all in level 4 that soon we will be able to move down from this level of restriction. Pray for wisdom for all involved in making decisions about our national life at this time.
Sun 3: Sing to the Lord with cheerful voice Let our songs of praise ring out to God our Father on this first Sunday of the new year. May we rejoice to be God’s flock and to know him as our Shepherd, our Guide and our Friend.
Mon 4: Mighty God, we pray that you would send your Word among us with great power, that many might know Jesus as Lord, that many might grow in humility and patience and true Christian godliness.
Tue 5: pray for staff returning to our schools today, pray for clear guidance from the authorities about how the term will begin and what form teaching will take in these coming weeks.
Wed 6: pray for wisdom for all those working to vaccinate our communities against this covid virus over the coming weeks, pray that the programme for vaccination will be good and easy for folks to access.
Thu 7: pray for our online Alpha course beginning on Wed 20 Jan, pray that many will be encouraged to join in this online course to think more deeply about Jesus.
Fri 8: pray for retail businesses who usually depend so much upon January sales, pray that online sales will enable them to continue during this difficult time.
Sat 9: pray for all victims of drug abuse; for those who are addicts, for families of addicts, for victims of crime associated with drug abuse. Pray for a solution to this increasing problem in our society.
Sun 10: give thanks that Jesus is our King, a new kind of King who loves and serves his people. Pray that many in our city will come to know Jesus as their King.
Mon 11: pray for our school pupils beginning term today, some in class and others at home, pray that they will all be able to learn and grow during this coming term.
Tue 12: pray for the Scottish Theology conference happening online today, pray for Sue Gillingham and Rowan Williams speaking on themes from the psalms today. Pray that this conference may be an encouragement to all who attend.
Wed 13: pray for Northcare Manor, for all the residents and staff, pray that they will all keep free from infection and that the work of vaccination in our care homes will go ahead smoothly.
Thu 14: give thanks for opportunities to pray together, ask God to give us a heart for prayer that we might become a praying people, gathering together to call out for God’s blessing on the church and the world.
Fri 15: pray for the on-going work of Bethany Christian Trust, caring for homeless people in our city, give thanks for all the work done at food kitchens and night shelters over the pervious weeks and pray for all who need such help and support.
Sat 16: pray for the Deep Impact youth worker training conference being held online today, give thanks for the organising team and for all who will attend this conference, pray for a deep encouragement for youth workers in our congregations at this time.
Sun 17: Who has held the oceans in his hands? Who has numbered every grain of sand? Behold our God, give thanks that Jesus is God among us, God for us, God with us.
Mon 18: pray for the congregation of Gorgie Dalry Stenhouse during this time when their minister, Peter Barber, is seriously unwell. Pray for Gordon Kennedy acting as Interim Moderator and moderating the Kirk Session meeting this evening.
Tue 19: give thanks for our elders and pray for our Kirk Session meeting this evening, may God be at work leading and guiding the life of our congregation.
Wed 20: give thanks for our Guild branch and pray for Gordon Kennedy speaking to the Guild at the zoom meeting this afternoon.
Thu 21: pray for the work of Presbytery planning and pray for the cluster group meeting this evening. Craiglockhart is in a cluster group with Colinton and St Johns Colinton Mains.
Fri 22: pray for families in Africa affected by HIV who now have their food supply interuppted by climate change, pray for relief and aid to be given to all in need in the poorest communities in our world.
Sat 23: pray for the many congregations in our land who are without their own minister because of vacancy, ask God to call many into service in the ministry of word and sacrament.
Sun 24: Jesus is Lord, creations voice proclaims it. Give thank that Jesus is Lord of all creation, every planet and star, every island and continent. Pray that we may see Jesus reign more fully among us.
Mon 25: pray for Christians in many nations who are falsely accused of crimes because they are Christians, pray for justice in the court systems and for an end to such persecution.
Tue 26: give thanks for the fellowship with share with other congregations, for the many who pray for us across this land.
Wed 27: pray for Christians who work in TV and radio that they may be a positive influence on these important means of communication.
Thu 28: give thanks for our book group meeting online this evening. Give thanks for the book by Steve Aisthorpe, Rewilding The Church, which we are discussing at our meeting this evening.
Fri 29: pray for Univesities and Colleges, for staff and students continuing to work and learn under covid related restrictions, pray for this coming term that our Universities and Colleges may be blessed by God.
Sat 30: O Lord, our hearts are cold and slow to pray, by your Spirit light such a fire within us as will never be put out, but will burn for your glory and see the name of the Lord Jesus honoured among all peoples.
Sun 31: ‘Behold the Lamb who takes our sin away’, give thanks to God for his gifts of bread and wine that we might remember Jesus our Saviour, pray for all who will worship at our Communion service today.
Bible Reading Plan
This bible reading plan has three columns, if you read the first column this year you will read all the Psalms twice, the second column is the Old Testament and the third column the New Testament, each once only. Please join us in reading the bible each day, however many columns you choose to read.
You may want to try reading one passage each day for a month, this month our passage is Luke 4:16—30.

1 Psalm 1 Genesis 1, 2 Matthew 1
2 2 3-4 2
3 3 5-6 3
4 4 7-8 4
5 5 9-10 5:1-26
6 6 11-12 5:27-48
7 7 13-14 6:1-18
8 8 15-16 6:19-34
9 9 17-19 7
10 10 20-21 8:1-17
11 11 22-23 8:18-34
12 12 24-25 9:1-17
13 13 26-27 9:18-38
14 14 28-29 10:1-20
15 15 30-31 10:21-42
16 16 32-33 11:1-19
17 17 34-35 11:20-30
18 18:1-24 36-37 12:1-21
19 18:25-50 38-39 12:22-50
20 19 40-41 13:1-30
21 20 42-43 13:31-58
22 21 44-45 14:1-21
23 22:1-18 46-47 14:22-38
24 22:19-31 48-49 15:1-20
25 23 50-Exodus 1 15:21-39
26 24 2-3 16
27 25 4-5 17
28 26 6-7 18:1-20
29 27 8-9 18:21-35
30 28 10-11 19:1-15
31 29 12-13 19:16-30