Please join us and follow our Prayer for July

Wed 1: continue to give thanks for the staff at our NHS who have worked so hard, and such long hours, during this virus outbreak to care for all who are sick and in need.
Thu 2: as this time of lockdown is being released pray for our church building Reopening Team: Andy Bathgate, Jane Chidwick, Sheena Cowan, Kay Ferguson, Don Glass, Kath Grandison, Stephanie–Anne Harris, Gordon Kennedy, Gordon McBirnie, Gill Robinson, and Brenda Russell. Pray for wisdom and clarity as the team consider all that will be involved in reopening our church buildings.
Fri 3: Mighty God, we pray that you would send your Word among us with great power, that many might know Jesus as Lord, that many might grow in humility and patience and true Christian godliness.
Sat 4: pray for all those who work in the tourism industry who will be greatly affected by the lockdown this year, pray that business may be able to survive until we can go on holiday again.
Sun 5: pray for all who are called and gifted by God to lead services and bring God’s word to us week by week, pray for those taking services over these weeks.
Mon 6: give thanks that our God loves all people, that all lives matter to him. Pray that we would grow in loving our neighbour and so build communities of love and welcome where all are cared for.
Tue 7: give thanks for our Finance team and those managing our finances during these days, give thanks for one another and our generosity in supporting the life and work of God’s church through our regular giving of money.
Wed 8: pray for Northcare Manor Care Home, for all the staff and residents, pray that they may all be kept safe and have all the resources they need to care for one another in these days.
Thu 9: give thanks to God for the gift of his word that we may freely read the Bible and that in his word come to know more of Jesus and his love.
Fri 10: pray for all victims of drug abuse; for those who are addicts, for families of addicts, for victims of crime associated with drug abuse. Pray for a solution to this increasing problem in our society.
Sat 11: pray for our families and friends, pray for those we haven’t seen for a long time now, pray that soon we would be able to meet one another and share time together.
Sun 12: give thanks for the wonders of technology by which we can record and share services week by week, pray that many people would join us and worship in these services and that God would bring many closer to Jesus week by week.
Mon 13: give thanks for the work of the Vine Trust, pray for the work of building homes for families and children in Tanzania and pray that these home will be a blessing to all who live in them.
Tue 14: give thanks for our online coffee mornings in which we can meet and share together, pray that many will join us on Thursdays mornings for this time of fellowship.
Wed 15: pray for all who are suffering from poor mental health, may they find the support they need from carers, family and friends, may they know God’s presence strengthening them day by day.
Thu 16: give thanks for opportunities to pray together, ask God to give us a heart for prayer that we might become a praying people, give thanks for our prayer diary and prayer ministry and ask God to be at work answering our prayers.
Fri 17: give thanks for our partnership with the Food Bank at Wester Hailes, pray for all who will need to visit the Food Bank for food this week and pray that they may receive all the help they need to feed themselves and their families.
Sat 18: pray for the on-going work of Bethany Christian Trust, caring for homeless people in our city, give thanks for all the work done at food kitchens and night shelters over the pervious weeks and pray for all who need such help and support.
Sun 19: give thanks to God for opportunities to worship him, pray that we will sing to God’s praise in songs of joy, joining with God’s people all over his world today celebrating God’s love and praising Jesus our Saviour.
Mon 20: pray for Scripture Union Scotland, this would have been the middle of a busy summer of holidays and missions, pray for volunteers and staff, pray for young people who would be been on holiday today, may God be present with each one of them.
Tue 21: today let us pause in prayer. Be still and know God, breathe deeply and slowly, recognise that God is already in the place where we are, rest in the comfort and security of God’s love for you.
Wed 22: pray for our emergency services, especially as we have more freedom to travel and be outside pray for those who serve to keep us all safe that they may know God’s blessing on them in all their service.
Thu 23: pray for our congregation that we might be able to meet together to worship and pray, ask God to guide us wisely in the decisions which need to be made and the provision for safety for us all as we work towards meeting together in our church building.
Fri 24: give thanks for the fellowship with share with other congregations, for the many who pray for us across this land. Pray especially for congregations we know which are vacant without minsiters at this time, ask God to provide ministers for all our congregations.
Sat 25: give thanks for the beauty of God’s creation, for mountain and lake, for flowers and trees, for sunshine and rain, give thanks to our God that he has made all things well.
Sun 26: give thanks for gifts of music which are used in our services of worship, pray that God may give us songs to sing for his glory which make the name of Jesus known to all who hear us sing them.
Mon 27: give thanks for the Keswick Convention meeting virtually this year and for Christopher Ash giving bible readings, speaking on Hope In Jesus from the Psalms. (
Tue 28: pray for Christians who work in TV and radio that they may be a positive influence on these important means of communication.
Wed 29: pray for wisdom for our Governments at Holyrood and Westminster as we move through the stages coming out of lockdown that they would take steps wisely and cautiously and that we would all continue to care for one another in these days.
Thu 30: pray for the team and leaders of our annual holiday club, which isn’t able to meet this year. Pray for children who have come in previous years that they would grow in knowing Jesus and that God would bless the team who would have served in holiday club at this time.
Fri 31: O Lord, our hearts are cold and slow to pray, by your Spirit light such a fire within us as will never be put out, but will burn for your glory and see the name of the Lord Jesus honoured among all peoples.

Bible Reading Plan
This bible reading plan has three columns, if you read the first column this year you will read all the Psalms twice, the second column is the Old Testament and the third column the New Testament, each once only. Please join us in reading the bible each day, however many columns you choose to read.
You may want to try reading one passage each day for a month,
this month our passage is Psalm 121:1–8.

1 Ps   1 16-17 Acts 8:26-40
2        2 18-19 9:1-19
3        3 20-21 9:20-43
4        4 22-23 10:1-23
5        5 24-25 10:24-48
6        6 26-27 Acts 11:1-18
7        7 28-29 11:19-30
8        8 30-31 12
9        9 32-34 13:1-25
10      10 35-36 13:26-52
11      11 Ezra 1-2 14
12      12 3-5 15:1-21
13      13 6-8 15:22-41
14      14 9-10 16:1-18
15      15 Neh 1-2 16:19-40
16      16 3-4 17:1-15
17      17 5-6 17:16-34
18      18.1-24 7-8 18
19      18.25-50 9-10 19:1-20
20      19 11-13 19:21-41
21      20 Esth 1-3 20:12
22      21 4-6 20:17-38
23      22.1-18 7-8 21:1-19
24      22.19-31 9-10 21:20-40
25      23 Job 1-2 22:1-16
26      24 3-5 22:17-30
27      25 6-7 23:1-15
28      26 8-9 23:16-35
29      27 10-11 24
30      28 12-13 25
31      29 14-15 26:1-18