Please join us and follow our Prayer for June - you can download and print the full diary and bible reading plan

Mon 1: pray for our NHS, give thanks for the devotion to their work of care by all the staff of the NHS and pray that they would be kept safe at their work and know God’s blessing on them today.

Tue 2: give thanks for our online Alpha course, for Gordon McBirnie leading this Alpha course and pray for all who are taking part in the course at this time.

Wed 3: give thanks for partnerships we have with other congregations and pray for congregations we know in our city and beyond. May God work through all our congregations to build his church and make Jesus known to many in our land.

Thu 4: give thanks for our weekly online coffee mornings, give thanks that God is present with us as we chat and share some time together in these weeks.

Fri 5: pray for our Governments at Westminster and Holyrood, give thanks for the service of MPs and MSPs, of Prime Minister and First Minister, pray that God would guide them wisely in all the decisions they have to make.

Sat 6: give thanks for Messy Church and pray for the service being shared online today, pray for the team and for the Messy Church families as we come to the end of another year of Messy Church in our congregation.

Sun 7: ‘Come, Holy Spirit, our hearts inspire’. Give thanks for the gift of the Spirit in this Pentecost season, pray that we will know the presence of the Spirit among us.

Mon 8: give thanks for all the scientists working so hard to discover a vaccine for the Covid–19 virus, pray that God would give them his wisdom in all their work and that soon a working vaccine would be found.

Tue 9: give thanks for our elders and all they are doing in these days giving leadership in our congregation, pray especially for Kay, Brenda and John who are managing our finances.

Wed 10: today would have been our monthly service at Northcare Manor. Pray for all the staff that they would be kept safe and healthy, pray for all the residents that they would be kept free from infection, pray that God would be at work in Northcare Manor in these days.

Thu 11: give thanks for the gift and calling of prayer, pray for one another that God would fill us all today with his Holy Spirit and teach us to pray. May we all take time in these days to be still and pray.

Fri 12: pray for our Governments in Westminster and Holyrood, especially pray for wisdom as decisions are made about releasing this lockdown period, pray that this would be well managed and that our communities would respond patiently in this time of transition.

Sat 13: pray for the work of toilet twinning, give thanks for this initiative and the blessing it is to many communities in our world.

Sun 14: ‘Spirit divine, attend our prayers, and make our hearts thy home’ give thanks for the presence of God’s Holy Spirit within each one of us and for his encouragment and support in our praying.

Mon 15: pray for the staff of our NHS as services are resumed, planned operations are being carried and more patients are visiting hospitals. Pray that God would be at work in our hospitals in these days.

Tue 16: pray for the Presbytery of Edinburgh meeting online this evening, give thanks for Richard Fraser the Moderator and pray for him as he leads the meeting this evening.

Wed 17: give thanks for our Book Group meeting online this evening, pray for our discussion about Chris Wright’s book ‘Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament’, give thanks for the opportunities we have to read Christian books in our nation.

Thu 18: pray for all the congregations in our nation which are vacant today, pray that God would call many into service in ministry.

Fri 19: pray that God would bring an end to the horror of human traffiking, pray especially for young girls and women who are victims of traffiking coming into our city.

Sat 20: pray for all those preparing, leading, recording and taking part in our weekly services over the summer weeks, give thanks for Andy Bathgate, Fiona Kennedy, Mike Livingston and Gordon McBirnie, pray that God would bless them as they prepare and would bless us as we worship at these services.

Sun 21: give thanks for another year of service and fellowship in our Creche, JAM Club and Focus group. Give thanks for all that has been shared of Jesus and his love through this year. Pray for all the children and young people who haven’t been able to meet together for some months now.

Mon 22: give thanks and pray for all the staff who work in Care Homes, and all home visiting Carers, may they be blessed in all their service and may they be kept safe from infection.

Tue 23: pray about those suffeirng the effects of climate change as crops fail and floods are increasing in many parts of the world. Pray for many in the poorest parts of our world who are very significantly affected by the Covid–19 virus.

Wed 24: our Tea Group would have been meeting this afternoon, pray for all who volunteer at the Tea Group and all those who would have come along, pray that God would be with them as they can’t meet, and pray that soon they would be able to meet together again.

Thu 25: pray for one another that God would give us good opportunities to speak of Jesus today, that God would open our eyes to opportunities to phone others, to email or chat online and in so many ways share the good news of Jesus love with others.

Fri 26: this is the end of the school term for this year. Give thanks for all the work done in our schools over this past year. Pray for pupils who weren’t able to finish the school year as they would have hoped and pray for those waiting for exam results. Pray for teachers especially as they prepare over the summer for a very different start to the school year, we hope, in August.

Sat 27: pray for Scripture Union Scotland, today many holidays and missions would have been starting. Pray that support, including financial support, for SU would continue in the coming months, pray for staff who are fuloughed and for those still at work. Pray that God would bless and strengthen SU in these days.

Sun 28: ‘Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self–control’, give thanks that God would grow the fruit of the Spirit in our lives, and let us pray for one another that we would see this fruit of the Spirit alive and growing within us.

Mon 29: give thanks for all who work in GP surgeries, in Chemist shops, who are continuing to provide care and support for all in need.

Tue 30: this would have been the start of our holiday season, pray for all those in the tourist industry who are facing very difficult times with no bookings and loss of income, pray that God would be with all those so deeply affected.