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Fri 1: give thanks for all the staff who work in the NHS for many who are working very long hours caring for those suffering from the Covid–19 virus.

Sat 2: give thanks for Messy Church and pray that many families will watch the video films posted online today and in this way join in Messy Church.

Sun 3: Crown him with many crowns. Give thanks today because Christ is risen, Jesus is King. Pray for one another that we may know Jesus as our King today.

Mon 4: pray for an increased desire to read the Bible and a hunger to see what God is teaching you about your life and discipleship during this time of lockdown.

Tue 5: pray for our online Alpha course meeting this evening at 7.30pm. Pray for a good number to join us for this course and to learn more about Jesus

Wed 6: give thanks for our Book group meeting online this evening at 7.30pm, we are discussing Ruth Valerio’s “Saying Yes To Life”. Pray for one another that our hearts may be stirred to work for justice and to minimise the effects of climate breakdown.

Thu 7: give thanks for our weekly online coffee morning, for all who join in, that we are able to chat with one another during these difficult days. Pray that many others will join in our online coffee mornings.

Fri 8: give thanks for all the staff who work in nursing and care home, especially for those at Northcare Manor in our parish, pray that they may have all the resources they need to care for residents at this time.

Sat 9: give thanks for our Governments in Westminster and Holyrood, pray for those making decisions about the life of our nation and how we combate the virus affecting us in these days.

Sun 10: Rejoice the Lord is King, Christ is risen, He is risen indeed! Give thanks for the power of God displayed in the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, that same power which is at work in us to strengthen us in our works of faith, hope and love.

Mon 11: ask God to bless the work of hospices and pray for those working in such demanding contexts to offer both medical and spiritual help to the dying and their loved ones

Tue 12: give thanks for our online Alpha course, pray that all the technology involved in this online course would work smoothly and that those taking part would grow in knowning Jesus.

Wed 13: give thanks for the opportunity to have weekly online services, pray for those recording videos and those editing them into our services each week. Pray that God may use these services to encourage us in our following of Jesus.

Thu 14: pray for the poorest communities in the world, in sub–Saharan Africa, in Asia, who are greatly afflicted by climate breakdown and also by the Covid–19 pandemic, pray that they would be given the aid they need in these days.

Fri 15: pray for all patients in hospital at this time, those suffering from the Covid–19 virus and those in hospital for other reasons, may that all receive the best of care and know your healing presence with them in these days.

Sat 16: pray for Martin Fair, minister at Arbroath: St Andrews, as he takes on the role of Moderator of the General Assembly in very different circumstances from those he may have expected. Pray that God would give Martin words to encourage His church at this time.

Sun 17: All hail the power of Jesus name, let angels prostrate fall. Give thanks that God has given Jesus the name above every other name, that we in our lives can join the praise of all creation given to Jesus our King.

Mon 18: give thanks for family, friends and neighbours and pray that they will know Jesus present in their lives

Tue 19: pray for the life of our congregation in these days, give thanks for Session Clerks and elders and all the work they are doing to support our congregation.

Wed 20: pray for those working in TV, radio and journalism, pray that what they report would be accurate and helpful, pray for honour and honesty in all broadcasts.

Thu 21: Thy Kingdom Come, give thanks that God will answer this prayer. Give thanks for the Thy Kingdom Come prayer season beginning today, let us pray for five people we know that they may come to know Jesus as their King, praying each day until Pentecost.

Fri 22: pray for all the residents in nursing and care homes, for those at Northcare Manor in our parish. Pray for those who are confused and don’t understand what is happening, pray for those missing visits from family and friends, may God be especially close to each one of them.

Sat 23: pray for couples who have had to postpone wedding plans this year, pray especially for Georgina and William who were to have their wedding service at Craiglockhart today, pray God’s comfort for them and that they will be able to have their wedding day soon.

Sun 24: Lord, the light of your love is shining, shine Jesus shine! Pray that Jesus would shine in our city, our nation, our family, the light of his love and grace filling many lives.

Mon 25: give thanks for those called to full and part time ministry and ask God to bless them as they seek to further his Kingdom

Tue 26: Give thanks for those keeping contact with our members by phone and email. Pray that these phone calls and emails would be an encouragement to our members and also to those making them.

Wed 27: pray for those in refugee camps around the world, in Bangladesh, in Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, in such circumstances social distancing is impossible. Pray for the provision of clean water and safe food, for medical care for all refugees.

Thu 28: pray for christians across the world who are not free to gather to worship, that they will have the strength to be faithful witness to Jesus despite opposition and persecution. Give thanks for the ministry of Release International and pray for James Fraser and his work in Scotland.

Fri 29: pray for all those families suffering the heartache of bereavement in these days, when they can’t know the caring presence of family and friends with them may they know the amazing grace of God surrounding them and keeping them in his love.

Sat 30: pray for congregations facing vacancy, linkage or union, that they keep faithful to your Word as they search for ther new minister

Sun 31: Holy Spirit living breath of God, breathe new life into my willing soul, on this Pentecost day give thanks for the gift of the Holy Spirit, God’s powerful life–giving presence within us.