Join us in our Prayer for October - you can download and print the full diary and bible reading plan

Thu 1: pray for wisdom for our governments in Westminster and Holyrood as they lead our nation through this release from lockdown time, may they receive good advice and make wise decisions which will bless our nation.

Fri 2: pray for the health services: for those caring for patients of Covid—19, and for those returning to regular operations, surgeries and emergencies, may God bless all who work in the NHS and who care for us all when in need.

Sat 3: pray for our congregation and for our service tomorrow when we welcome a congregation to join us in the church building for worship, give thanks for all who will come and all who will join us on the live stream.

Sun 4: Give thanks for God’s harvest provision for us as we celebrate God’s goodness in our harvest thanksgiving today.

Mon 5: pray for our schools, today pray for all staff at schools as they deal with the necessary restrictions upon school life, pray for our teachers as they work with all pupils and learn new ways of teaching our young people.

Tue 6: give thanks to our God for the gift and invitation of prayer. Prayer is not an activity we do but the life we live. Pray for one another that we may accept God’s invition and walk with him in this life of prayer.

Wed 7: give thanks for our Guild, for all the members of our Guild and all they contribute to the life and work of our congregation. Pray for the Guild as they begin a new session meeting online.

Thu 8: Pray for vacant congregations in our city and nation, pray for Interim Moderators and Locums and all who are serving in congregations during times of vacancy.

Fri 9: pray for the work of Street Pastors in our city and other cities in our nation. Give thanks for all who serve on our city streets at weekends caring for those in need, pray that God will bless them in all their service for him.

Sat 10: pray for all those working in retail and hospitality sectors of our economy who are being greatly affected by the lockdown, pray for job security and that businesses will be able to survive this lockdown time.

Sun 11: give thanks to our God that he is with us each day. As God leads us into a new land, to new places of service and mission pray that we would have the courage to follow him.

Mon 12: pray for our schools, pray for all the pupils in our schools, may God bless them as they study and learn, may they be safe at school, may they keep to the guidelines in school which will keep them safe from this virus.

Tue 13: pray for our Small Groups which meet regularly online, pray that God would call others to join our small groups and that this part of the life of our congregation would grow.

Wed 14: pray for the staff and residents at Northcare Manor and other care homes we know, pray for safety from infection and for the peace of God to fill each room and conversation.

Thu 15: pray for the Impact youth group, for wisdom for the leaders considering how to meet the young people online and how to keep in touch with the many young people involved in this youth group.

Fri 16: pray for the Scripture Union, young leader, Go Conference, happening online this weekend, pray for Cameron McBirnie taking part in this conference.

Sat 17: give thanks to God for his being glorious, our God is above all things, pray that we might in our lives worship him and bring him all honour and praise.

Sun 18: give thanks to God who gave up in sacrifice his beloved Son for us, pray that God would give us sacrificial, generous hearts to give up what we hold most dear for his service and his glory.

Mon 19: pray for all the staff and lecturers at our Universities and Colleges, pray for them as they begin to leaern new ways of teaching and tutoring in these lockdown conditions.

Tue 20: pray for Eastern Africa, especially Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya and Uganda facing devastating invasions of locusts, pray for aid for these nations and the provision of food for those facing extreme poverty.

Wed 21: pray for Scripture Union Scotland, pray for staff trying to plan for activities and events in the difficult lockdown circumstances, pray for school groups trying to keep contact with young people.

Thu 22: give thanks for our working teams and all the team leaders, pray that God would use the servce of many of his people to build and strengthen our congregation. Pray for our working teams as they plan ahead for new work in this very different situation.

Fri 23: pray for our one day online holiday club, pray for the team who have planned this day and that a good number of young people will join in with this holiday club.

Sat 24: pray for the work of Presbytery planning, giving consideration to the future of the congregations in our Presbytery, which is happening just now, pray for area meetings between local congregations, our area is with Colinton and St Johns Colinton Mains.

Sun 25: ‘Bread and wine, all things made new’, give thanks to God for the gift of his Son Jesus, his body broken and blood poured out for us and our salvation.

Mon 26: pray for all who are worried about the future, about job security, about their families. Pray for all those making decisions as we move through this release from lockdown time that they will act wisely and well for all in our communities.

Tue 27: give thanks for our elders and their service in our congregation and pray for our Kirk Session meeting this evening by zoom. Pray that God will be at work guiding our Kirk Session into his mission for his congregation.

Wed 28: pray for all candidates in training for all the ministries in our church today, pray for their training at placement congregations which will be very different from usual this year.

Thu 29: pray for the USA and the election to be held next month, pray for wisdom for all who will vote, pray for the President to be elected that they will serve with honour.

Fri 30: pray for all those in need of medical care in our land, especially those not related to the Covid pandemic, pray for doctors and nursers to be able to offer the best care they can to those in need.

Sat 31: Pray for the protection of our children from all spiritual forces of darkness, pray that the light of Christ would shine more brightly and attractively in our land than the seductions of evil.