Jam (Jesus and me) Club 10.30am Sunday

Jam club is a fun and interactive group for 3 – 10 year olds that introduces the Bible and the good news of Jesus to the children.

Children can be dropped off at Jam club, just before the Sunday morning service, and the leaders take the children into the first part of the service to hear the children’s story and be part of the worship.

Once back in Jam club the children can share their news for the week, if they would like to, and are encouraged to pray. During the morning a theme is developed through Bible stories, singing, age appropriate crafts, games, activities and lots of fun!

In the holidays there is a club for children on Sunday mornings.

We have a small but enthusiastic group of children and would love to see more come and join us on Sunday mornings. Visitors, friends and newcomers are all very welcome.