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Craiglockhart Parish Church is a Christian church serving the parish of Craiglockhart in South West Edinburgh. On our site... read more


Baptism is a joyful celebration of our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and of the promises of God to us, promises of grace and reconciliation in Jesus Christ our Lord. At Craiglockhart we... read more


Getting married is one of the most important events in anyone’s life and if we can help with your wedding service we would be delighted to do that.
These notes are intended to guide you as you... read more


As a parish church we at Craiglockhart hope to be able to offer any help and support we can to families at times when they are making arrangements for a funeral service. There is no requirement... read more

Our Kirk Session

At Craiglockhart Church we are a Presbyterian Church, part of the Church of Scotland. In the Presbyterian system the leadership of the local church is in the hands of the elders and minister who... read more

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At Craiglockhart Church we are pleased to join in partnership with other Christian congregations and mission agencies to help us achieve our aim of sharing the good news of God’s love with all... read more