Scars Across HumanityPublished 04 Aug 2016

This blog post is about Elaine Storkey's book, "Scars Across Humanity". Please read this book and do something to combat violence against women.

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Becoming ChristlikePublished 02 Aug 2016

Here is a post about a very helpful book for us all in our following of Jesus as Lord.

A Wind in the House of IslamPublished 29 Jul 2016

Here is a review of this encouraging and helpful book.

Everything Has ChangedPublished 10 Mar 2016

EA Scotland have made a series of short films to encourage us to think about being missional in our Christian living. Here's the first one, it's called Everything Has Changed.


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Lent Gospel ReadingsPublished 10 Feb 2016

At Craiglockhart Church we are reading Mark's gospel together during Lent. Our services on Sunday will follow themes from Mark's gospel which we have read in the preceding week.

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Advent Prayer GuidePublished 04 Dec 2015

During Advent this year we are join with others in using the Evangelical Alliance Advent Prayer Guide. You can find this guide on the EA site here, we hope like us you will find it helpful... read more

A Basket of StonesPublished 01 Dec 2015

In the book of Nehemiah we read of the rebuilding of the wall of the city of Jerusalem. Many people took part in this great work and each one brought their own basket of stones to add to... read more