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Children and Young People


Exchange takes place on Sunday mornings during our morning service. The children and young people have a bible story and fun games and activities to help them learn it. They join together with the rest of the congregation from the start of the Sunday morning service then head out with their Exchange leaders for their own activities. 


Impact is our youth club, and it runs on a Thursday night from 7.30-9pm. Impact is for young people who are in P7 to S5 and is an informal open youth club with a variety of activities. In the hall you could be playing football, basketball or Unihoc. In the lounge we have our PS4 and some comfortable couches where you can sit and chat with friends. In the small hall we have table tennis and in-between we have our snack bar with some tables to sit and enjoy your food.

To find out more contact


Engage is the most laid-back group you could imagine. Our format changes from time to time but at the moment some of us play football for a while and the rest of us sit around chatting.

Then we read a chapter from the bible and talk about what it is saying, then we pray for each other and the world.

Then it’s back to football and chatting. You can be as active or inactive as you want.

Engage meets on Sunday nights from 7.30-9pm. To find out more contact

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